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As always we at Thomas and Byrne have been busy. This is what we have been up to.
  1. 8/03/2016
    Our amazing France and Sons dining table was sold at Runway Monday, Newark. It will be shipped to Japan where there is a great market for Scandinavian designer pieces by Peter Hvidt and Olga Molgaard.
  2. 9/03/2016
    We have gone a little off piste and purchased a very special vintage 1980's racing bicycle. It has a hand made steel frame by Ellis Briggs and is finished in light blue and sports top quality components. Soon to be photographed.
  3. 21/03/2016
    We have found a monumental totemic ceramic sculpture by Jim Robinson. At nearly a metre high it will make a statement in any interior scheme. We bought this with some great wall hung sculpture by John Maltby.
  4. 26/03/2016
    We were very excited to find two original CND flyer posters from the 1960's. They reference Polaris and the Euro campaign of that time. Fantastic graphic art and all very Jeremy Corbyn.
  1. 10/04/2016
    We had a great time at Malvern and sold a range of furniture, art, ceramics and lighting. We will definitely be booking in for the next fair on Monday 30th May. I definitely must remember the sun block next time.
  2. 24/4/16
    We exhibited at the Sunday Manchester Makers Market in West Didsbury. It rained throughout the whole day which didnt help but we met lots of really nice people and sold a few items and gave out lots of cards.
  3. 15/05/16
    Take a look at our new finds. We have found some really decorative items. A vintage papier mache teddy bear, a soldier whirlygig, a couple of George Jensen Taverna pans to name but a few.
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